ICT in Education: the Smart Classroom

Cadena is responsible for supporting the design and implementation of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) under the “Smart Classrooms for Introducing New Technologies for TVET Improvement in Kenya” project initiated in December 2010 by the The Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology in Kenya.

In 2015 the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Directorate Technical Education) has reviewed the concept and the Smart Classroom was fully updated based on the latest concepts and technologies available. The Smart Classroom provides Kenya with world-class learning facilities without any equivalents in the world. The Smart Classroom introduces a unique TVET teaching and learning concept, combining state-of-the-art technologies, software, simulations, experiments and hands-on practical education, making the 10 Centres of Excellence future proof.

The Smart Classroom acts as an incubator area for ideas based on industry and labour market requirements. It will change students and teachers mind-sets and will bring innovation, spur creative and catalytic thinking, triggers students’ exploration skills, enhance problem-solving based learning, and provide the opportunity to teach and learn design, programming and production skills.

The Smart Classroom, covering 18 different topics from green energy, robotics up to 3D printing, improves the traditional TVET teaching at the 10 TTIs through further introduction of student-centred learning, interdisciplinary work, Competence Based Education and Training (CBET), and will maximize the use of the existing equipment at the workshops, amongst others, through; presentations, digital lessons, investigations, on-screen simulations, virtual experiments, practical exercises, and project and group work

New project  Uganda

New project Uganda

The Government of Uganda and the Ministry of Education and Sports have recently given Cadena and our partner Mamza Consulting Ltd, the opportunity to start the OPEC funded project "Consultancy Services for Provision of Skills & Institutional Management Capacity...

Cadena involved in a new EU FWC.

Cadena involved in a new EU FWC.

We are pleased to announce that Cadena IDP (as partner) and IBF International Consulting (as lead firm) signed a 3 year contract with the European Union under the lot 4 EU Framework Contract last month. The mission titled ‘Assistance technique au démarrage et suivi du...

Cadena Anniversary!!

Cadena Anniversary!!

We are delighted to announce that Cadena idp has reached a new milestone today; we are now 12,5 years in operation! Even during these challenging times we live in, we are happy that we can continue our work, although be it mostly home-based. Of course, we could not...