Cadena provides consultancy services covering all education levels – from primary, secondary education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Agriculture Technical, Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) to higher forms of education. Our services mainly relate to education reforms aimed at bridging the skills gap. Our technical assistance covers a wide range of activities such as:

  • education policy development
  • development of strategic plans for schools and training centres
  • human resource development
  • design of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS)
  • support education Quality Assurance procedures
  • design of National Qualification Frameworks and Teacher Qualification Frameworks
  • development of occupational standards and (CBET) curricula
  • development of teaching and learning materials
  • institutional development and capacity building initiatives



1 Detailed Review of National Occupational Standards

Qualification Unit References MTDWT0001A

National Occupational Standards (NOS)

2 Curriculum Review, Equipment Review Infrastructure Review, Training Needs Assessment

Review the current curriculum against the updated labour market requirements, qualification standards and NOS

Review the current available equipment against the updated qualification standards and NOS

Define basic requirements for upgrading the available infrastructure

Define the requirements for train-the-trainer programmes and management programs.

3 Curriculum and Training Programme Development, Equipment Identification, Infrastructure Requirements

Develop updated curriculum and matching training programs for the teachers, students and management.

Prepare equipment specifications, BOQ, budgets, professional equipment lists ready for tendering.

Conduct detailed site surveys and define detailed scope of requirements related to civil works, electrical works and HSSE infrastructure.

4 Implementation and Procurement Planning

Procurement Planning
Infrastructure improvement
Teacher Training
Site surveys
Equipment supply
After Sales

5 Site Survey

6 Defining Infrastructure Requirements

7 Scope

Scope of HSSE Requirements

Scope of Civil Works

Scope of Electrical Works

8 Finalise

Develop Final BOQ Agree Layouts

Agree Fixes to Utilities

Agree Fixes to Timelines

Implement Procurement via Tendering of Nominated Supplier


Cadena, on behalf of different public and private entities, has the expertise to develop/design complex turn-key education projects in cooperation with our partners.  In these projects, various components such as supply of education and general equipment, consultancies, renovation of classrooms/workshops, teacher and staff training programmes and specific technical assistance are integrated. Within the turn-key project solutions the work done by Cadena is twofold:

  1. design of turn-key project proposals
  2. support implementation of turn-key projects

Activities related to the development of these turn-key project solutions include:

  • needs assessments and surveys
  • feasibility studies
  • economic and social impact analysis
  • environmental impact analysis
  • preparation of project documents including;
    • provision of cost calculations and design of financing and financial plan
    • provision of tender ready specifications (covering goods, works and services)
    • design of procurement plans
    • development of project implementation plans
    • and more… to ensure project design matches the specific requirements of the donor and/or funding agencies

Activities related to the implementation of these turn-key project solutions include:

  • overall technical assistance
  • capacity building
  • design and implementation of tailor-made programmes
  • project management and quality assurance
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • and more… to ensure the project is implemented successfully