We are pleased to announce that Cadena IDP and IBF have signed a contract with the Inter University Council for East Africa for the development of a Harmonized TVET Qualification Framework and at least 10 Regional Harmonized Occupational Standards in the Priority Areas of EASTRIP for Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

The objective of Eastern Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP) is to increase access and improve the quality of TVET programs in selected Regional Flagship TVET Institutes and to support regional integration in Eastern Africa. EASTRIP aims to benefit students enrolled in selected Regional Flagship TVET Institutes and their partner institutions (non-project TVET institutes) in the country and across the region; employers and targeted industries who will have access to a skilled workforce that matches their needs and standards; faculty and staff from the selected Regional Flagship TVET Institutes whose academic, technical, management, and pedagogical skills needed to be upgraded and who will function in an improved teaching environment with upgraded facilities and public and private TVET institutes within the Eastern Africa region that will have access to a network of specialized trainers, a framework of core curricular competencies, quality assurance standards, and state-of-the-art facilities for up-to-date training of the workforce in priority sectors in the region.

For the next 14 months our team of  9 key experts -supported by local project managers – will work closely with the EASTRIP Technical Working Group, TVET Authorities and private sector stakeholders in the three countries to produce a set of harmonized standards toward mutual recognition of qualifications for priority occupations, in the ICT, Agro-processing, Electrical/Power & Transport sectors.