Contract signed with Ministry of Youth and Sports, Liberia

Contract signed with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Liberia Concerning the Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Program (YEEP)

As part of the Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Program (YEEP), the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Liberia signed a contract with Cadena for consulting services for skills development, a Job Readiness Program and institutional support.

The YEEP Liberia and Sierra Leone are both part of the multi-donor Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) which aims to support the implementation of the AfDB’s Private Sector Development (PSD) Strategy by providing untied grants for technical assistance and capacity building to African governments, regional economic communities and similar intergovernmental organizations, business associations, market regulatory institutions, business development service providers, business training and research institutions, and public/private enterprises.

YEEP will contribute to building a competitive private sector in Liberia by strengthening the capacities of selected tertiary institutions that will design and deliver entrepreneurship and employment generation programs. Direct beneficiaries are youth in general, and with a focus on rural areas and women. Indirect beneficiaries include the public and private sectors in need of skilled labour as society in general as it will further enhance human resource capacities and spur pro-poor growth.

YEEP consists of four different project components, which are interrelated.  Component 1 skills development for employment and component 2 job readiness program show the highest interrelation and synergies. However also activities implemented under component 3 entrepreneurship development are of importance for component 1 and 2. For example what can be learnt from the establishment of the Entrepreneurship Centres (EC), and alike? For those students who wish to become entrepreneurs also support should be made available at both TVET and University level. Lastly the Institutional support component will ensure quality control, monitoring and evaluation, sustainability of the project, as well as the possibility to further up-scale the project initiatives.

The consultancy assignment for Cadena relates to component 1, 2 and 4, and clearly outlines what is required for each component, as well as the related deliverables

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