As part of our assignment “Consultancy service for Analysis of the Zimbabwe Education Sector and Development of the Education Sector Strategic Plan (2021-2025)” the Cadena team participated during the JSR that took place in Harare from 10 to 12 February. For three days a wide variety of education sector stakeholders presented findings and held discussions to review the 2019 progress and performance, to identify key milestones for 2020, develop an aide memoir for this year, and reviewed the strategies of the previous Education Sector Strategic Plan in view of the ESSP to be developed for the next period 2021-2025. Special attention was given to the implementation of Competence Based Learning and a key theme of the JSR was to explore innovative ways to address emergency in education and to strengthen education system resilience.

The team was impressed by the commitment and passion demonstrated by all education sector stakeholders, coming from all provinces in Zimbabwe.The Permanent Secretary continuously encouraged all participants to share their views, and inform those present about their specific challenges and best practices as this will allow the sector to adjust and improve.  Participating in the JSR provided a wealth of information to the Cadena team, while they are preparing for the implementation of the Education Sector Analysis and the subsequent development of the new ESSP. We will keep you updated on the progress!