For the STEP Malawi project, Cadena and Getting Competent have been working together with construction sector and education sector representatives to harmonise Construction Curricula in Bricklaying, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Carpentry and Joinery and Painting at Levels 2-3 (including standards, curriculum framework, facilitator and learner guide, and assessment framework) and fine-tuning of level 1. In order to build capacity of the Malawian instructors a 5 day workshop was held in Lilongwe, with the objective to develop competencies of the participants to develop the required educational documents.

During the workshop the facilitators delivered a background orientation of the CBET (Competency Based Education and Training) methodology and the DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) approach. The participants received two sets of exemplary documents; OS (Occupational Standard) and the corresponding curriculum. This enabled the participants to understand the cohesion between the two different types of documents. Following that, the participants worked in their respective occupational groups and started to develop occupational specific Learning Outcomes based upon delivered OSs. The development work was supported by the facilitators. Presentations of the developed work was done in plenum and feedback was provided. The participants showed great enthusiasm, and by the end of the week they managed to present the required outputs.